Southland 50mm JUDO FIMAT JFXL Backwash Filter J8010089


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Southland 50mm JUDO FIMAT JFXL Timer Controlled Backwash Water Filter
Judo JFXL Manual, Timer Controlled or Pressure Differential Controlled Backwash Water Filters – featuring a larger screen area for filtering inlet water with potentially higher particulate loading, the JUDO Fimat JFXL series will handle flow rates of up to 330 liters/minute. Similar to the JSY and JPF series the JUDO JFXL is available with either fully manual controller fully automatic control and ises te same highly effective rotational scanning point backwash principle

  • Screen surface area of 553cm²
  • Degree of dirt build up can easily be seen through viewing glass
  • No interruption of water flow during backwash
  • Standard 100 micron screen is Silver Coated to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Rubber wipers keep the viewing glass clean
  • Mount in vertical or horizontal pipe runs; compact space saving design
  • Screen sizes – 30um, 50um, 100um (Standard), 320um, 500um

Maximum flow rate 283 l/m
Maximum pressure 1000 kpa
Minimum pressure  200 kpa
Inlet / Outlet size 2” (50mm) BPSM
Screen surface area  533 cm²
Maximum tmperature  30°C
Weight  17.0 kg
Backwash time  2 minutes
Backwash Volume  0.5 – 1.5 l/sec
Power requirements  10 amp GPO
Backwash volume 60 litres – 96 litres
Screen sizes available 30, 100 (Standard), 320, 500

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Product Documents

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