Southland SKAN SLB-X100B Bag Filter Housing


Southland SKAN SLB-X100B Polyprophlene Bag Filter Housing
The collection and reuse of rainwater is very important and now integral part of new and renovated building design  and construction. Southland Filtration has been involved for many years in the supply of high quality filtration and disinfection systems for use in treatment of harvested rainwater. We can supply the systems as componentry for tight situations or as complete packaged systems, which include support base, pipework, valving, etc for easy specification and installation

  • Strong Heavy Duty polypropylene constructions
  • Wide range of chemical resistance
  • Includes 2 support legs
  • Side inlet / Bottom outlet
  • Fits standard 6″x 20″ 05 Size X100 bags
  • Easy lid removal for swift bag change
  • Optional cone base
  • Optional Pressure Differential Sensor available for filter bag change alert
  • Polyester Needlefelt Filter Bags – 1um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 50um, 100um

Weight – packaged 7.0 kg
Weight – empty 5.0 kg
Weight – in service (water) 15.0 kg
Filter surface area 0.185m²
Max flow rate 18m3 / hour
Max temperature 42° C
Max pressure 690 kpa
Inlet / Outlet 2″ NPT (50mm)
Micron ratings available 1um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 50um, 100um

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