3500 Litre Slimline Water Tank



3500 Litre Slimline Tank

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3500 Litre Team Poly Aqua Spring Slimline Tank

SKU: TP43280

Dimensions: 2650L x 800W x 2230H


Team Poly is an Australian owned company which has been making water tanks and associated polyethylene products since 1991 and is part of the National Poly Industries Group, Australia’s largest supplier of water tanks. Why buy a Team Poly Tank? Team Poly tanks are made from pure Australian food grade polyethylene. Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing water tanks. Tanks are manufactured and certified to the Australian standard, AS4766. 14 Colorbond® tank colours to complement houses, sheds, fences or any other structure.


1 x 90mm overflow & screen

1 x 300mm inlet strainer

1 x 25mm brass outlet & ball valve

Aqua Spring Slimline Features 
  • One piece slim design ideal for side paths or narrow areas.
  • Manufactured from food grade polyethylene
  • UV stabilised against the harsh Australian conditions – comply with AS2070 and AS/NZS 4020 standards.
  • BPA free
  • Multiple outlet options
  • 10 year pro rata warranty
Tank Colours

Select from our huge range of rain water tank colours we offer.

ASC Water Tanks Colour Choices

Site Preparation

There are several factors that will determine the most appropriate location of your rainwater tank. First walk around your house and note the locations of your downpipes. The closer the tank is to a downpipe, the simpler your install will be.

Once you have selected an appropriate site, you can begin to prepare this site for the tank.

  1. Check the relevant regulations relating to rainwater tank installation with your local council.
  2. Your Team Poly rainwater tank should be handled with care. When moving into position, avoid rough and sharp surfaces.
  3. The site must be a solid, level and compacted base that extends beyond the diameter of the tank that will not be eroded by wind or rain. Suitable bases include brick, concrete, gravel or solid dolomite surface between 300mm and 400mm in depth.
  4. Water tank stands can be used but must be designed by a qualified consulting engineer.

Tank Plumbing

Please ensure your tank is installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with your local council regulations.

Rainwater Tank Plumbing

Gutters and Roofing

The guttering on your roof is a key component in your rain harvesting system and will need to be cleared of any leaves or debris. Damaged guttering should be repaired.

Test to see if your guttering directs water to the corner of your house where the tank will be installed. If water is not directed towards the corner of your house then it should be adjusted to maximise your rainwater harvest.

Diagram of Fully Integrated Rainwater System

Fully Integrated Rainwater System Diagram



Dimensions (mm)

2650L x 800W x 2230H (mm)

Supplied Accessories

200mm strainer Drain plug Brass outlet 25mm tap 90mm overflow screen & elbow

Water Tank Colour

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10 Years Manufacturers Warranty


Team Poly

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