5000 Litre Modular Slimline Tank 

SKU: UP5000M

5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank



Lead Time: 2 weeks

5000 Litre Urban Poly Modular Slimline Water Tank

SKU: UP5000M

Dimensions: 3268L x 1050W x 2100H

All Urban Poly Water Tanks are made from virgin food grade UV stabilized polyethylene. Only quality brass tank outlets are used in all of our water tank and trough ranges. Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Using 3 x 1670 Litre round tanks, joint together, this modular system gives you 5000 litres in a modular slimline rain water tank. A 5000 litre modular tank comes fully connected and assembled, ready to use.

A 10 year manufacturers’ warranty for your peace of mind.


The inlet comes fitted with a 400mm mosquito proof leaf strainer at the top centre of each dome.
Two quality brass 25mm BSP female outlets are moulded into the tank at 2 & 10 o’clock. A 90mm PVC overflow is fitted at 9 o’clock.

Tank Colours

Urban Poly tanks are made from the highest quality polyethylene in a range of colours. Each screen or monitor may display colours differently. Please use the colours shown as a guide only. (Bronze Olive no longer available)


All water tanks should be sited on a stable, flat, level base with at least 100 mm gap between the tank and any fixed object such as a building or fence.

One litre of water weighs one kilogram. So, for example, a full 1,000-litre tank weighs 1,000 kg, plus the weight of the tank itself. That’s why it’s very important to place your tank on a solid base that will support it evenly and keep it level. The preferred base is a properly constructed concrete slab that is slightly larger than the footprint of the tank.

Because round tanks are inherently stronger than other shapes, they can be installed on a well-compacted 100 mm sand base, as long as the edges of the base are protected from erosion. Any other tank shape, such as a slimline tank, must be must be installed on a concrete slab.




Urban Poly



Dimensions (mm)

3268 (L) x 1050 (W) x 2100 (H)

Inlet Height (mm)


Supplied Accessories

400mm Inlet Strainer on one end, Overflow at 3


2 x 25mm brass pump outlet fitted at each end of the tank

Water Tank Colour

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10 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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