ZEN-GRG400/2/G50HD0ETEX – Zenit Grey Grinder Pump ATEX


Zenit ZEN-DGG400/2/50HDOETEX  Vortex Pump – 807379

Designed for professional and industrial use, the Zenit Grey GRG Series Grinders are suitable for pumping sewage. The GRG series grinders are made with cast iron construction with 2 opposed Silicon Carbide mechanical seals in an inspectable oil sump, anti-clogging system. Suitable for use in underground carparks. ATEX certified Ex d.

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ZEN-GRG400/2/G50HD0ETEX- Zenit Grey Grinder Pump – 807379
Technical Specifications
Brand Zenit Pumps
Product Type Submersible Pump
Suitable For Sewage
Approval ATEX certified Ex d.
Max Flow (L/sec) 4.8
Kilo Watts 3.0 Kw
Max Head (m) 33.6
Port Size Outlet G 2″ – DN32
Series Grey
Warranty (months) 12
Volts 415 V
Zenit GRG Grey Series

The Zenit Grey series is a new solution for pumping wastewater and black water in civil, residential and industrial applications.

Zenit Grey pumps feature cleverly redesigned hydraulics and motors to guarantee high performance, low consumption and outstanding versatility. These all translate to greater product efficiency, impeccable reliability and lower operating costs.

GRG Suitable for
  • Blackwater / Sewage
  • Lifting of liquids containing fibres and filaments
  • Professional and industrial applications
  • Livestock farms

Suitable for use in underground carparks.

ATEX certified Ex d.

  • Multi-channel open impeller
  • Grinding system with rotary knife
Efficient & Reliable

The Zenit Grey series offers reduced purchasing, installation and maintenance times and costs thanks to a wide choice of models and the use of immediately available standard components.

Exceptionally reliable, the Grey series needs far fewer repairs, meaning reduced costs. Running costs will be lower and there will be fewer system stoppages, allowing more effective maintenance scheduling.

Construction materials
Motor casing Cast iron GJL-250
Impeller Cast iron GJL-250
Mechanical seals Two in silicon carbide (2SiC)
Nuts and bolts Stainless steel – class A2-70
Standard gaskets NBR
Drive shaft AISI 431 Stainless Steel
Chopper knife Chromium steel (GRG)
Painting Bicomponent epoxy paint with high resistance to corrosion
Operating specifications
Max operating temperature 40°C
pH of liquid 6 ÷ 14
Liquid viscosity 1 mm2/s
Max submergence 20 m
Liquid density 1 kg/dm3
Max acoustic <70 dB
Max. starts/hour 20 (<10 kW)
15 (>10 kW)



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