Zenit DRBLUEP200/2/G50VMGEX Submersible Drainage Pump


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Zenit DRBLUEP200/2/G50VMGEX Floatless Drainage Pump 711710

DR (DRENO) version with multi-vane fully submerged cast iron impeller for efficient operation, float switch optional on single-phase versions. Comes complete with a 10m power lead (with 3 pin plug on single-phase pumps) to suit outdoor installations. Patented sealing system incorporating dual silicon carbide mechanical seals in oil bath for longer seal life. Anti-stressing system for power cable reduces cable damage and water entry.
Includes a cable holder grommet built into handle which allows adjustment of float switch cable length, and a cast iron pump body for durability. The strainer construction and the particular curvature of the impeller blades
allow passage of solid bodies of maximum 15mm. Also includes a built in air bleed valve, a suction screen in stainless steel to keep out hard solids, and an ergonomical Polyglass handle for safety and comfort.

Suitable for:

• Clean or slightly soiled water containing small solids
• Stormwater dewatering from under houses, yards and ponds
• Groundwater seepage, rainwater collection
• Water features
• Car parks, truck stops, vehicle workshops, bus depots and garages

Technical Specifications
Brand Zenit Pumps
Product Type Submersible Pump
Bar 1.7 Bar
Approval IECex Zone 2 Approved
Flow Range Category f. 500 – 999 L/min
Flow Rate (L/min) 690 L/min
Hp 2 Hp
Kilo Watts 1.5 kW
Head Range Category a. 0 – 39 m
Max Head (m) 17 m
Port Size Outlet 2″ BSPF outlet
Particle Size 10X30 mm
Volts 240 V
Watts 1500 W

Pack Weight (KG): 25.90

Constructive characteristics:

  • Outlet: G2″
  • Outlet orientation: V (vertical)
  • Type of starting: D
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Standard cable type: H07RN-F 3G1
  • EX cable type: N.A.
  • Standard paint type: Bicomponent epoxy paint
  • Maximum acoustic pressure: 70 dB
  • Set of standard mechanical seals: Two Silicon carbide mechanical seal (SiC)

Use limits:

  • Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C
  • Maximum immersion depth: 20 m
  • PH of treated fluid: 6 to 14 pH
  • Max starts per hour: 30

Test limits:

  • Density of treated fluid: 1 Kg/dm³
  • Viscosity of treated fluid: 1 mm²/s


  • Case: Grey Cast Iron – EN-GJL 250 (02)
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel – AISI 420 (23)
  • Cooling jacket: Not applicable (00)
  • Standard gasket: Rubber – NBR (77)
  • EX gasket: Not applicable (00)
  • Nuts and bolts: Stainless Steel – Class A2-70 (42)
  • Hydraulic: Grey Cast Iron – EN-GJL 250 (02)
  • Impeller: Grey Cast Iron – EN-GJL 250 (02)
  • Cutting disk: Not applicable (00)
  • Cutter: Not applicable (00)
  • Grid: Plastic (73)



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