Zenit ZEN-GRBLUEP200/2/G40HTEX Professional Submersible Pump


Zenit ZEN-DRBLUEP200/2/G40HTEX  Grinder Pump – 711431

Recommended for unstrained civil wastewaters, including those containing filaments or fibres. This electric pump is intended for both domestic and professional use

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Technical Specifications
Brand Zenit Pumps
Product Type Sewage Pump
Suitable For Sewage and Wastewater
Bar 2.7 Bar
Flow Range Category d. 300 – 399 L/min
Flow Rate (L/min) 300 L/min
Hp 2 Hp
Kilo Watts 1.5 kW
Head Range Category a. 0 – 39 m
Max Head (m) 27 m
Port Size Outlet 1 1/2″ BSPF outlet
Powered Electric
Warranty (months) 24 Months
Volts 415 V
Watts 1500 W
GR bluePRO models incorporate a grinding system comprising a revolving three-bladed knife rigidly mounted on the drive shaft and a steel plate with sharp edged holes. This system, capable of speeds of up to 69,000 cuts per minute, finely chops filaments and expels them along the discharge pipeline with no risk of impeller jamming, also keeping the pipeline clean. Cast iron construction guarantees low vibration and excellent reliability. This electric pump is intended for both domestic and professional use and is suitable for underground carparks. Used for the lifting and transfer of heavily soiled wastewaters, sewage and civil and industrial wastewaters, even on narrow pipelines. Y T I Submersible electric pumps with high head cast iron impeller and cutter, with 69,000 cuts per minute. The GR models are equipped with an intake cutting system composed of a steel plate and a triangular rotary cutter. The system cuts fibres and stringy bodies and assures smooth pump functioning. Patented sealing system incorporating dual Silicon Carbide mechanical seals in oil bath for longer seal life. 


• Comes complete with a 10m power lead (with 3 pin plug on single-phase pumps) to suit outdoor installations, an anti-stressing system for power cable reduces cable damage and water entry.

• Grinding system with three-blade rotary knife

• Includes a cable holder grommet built into handle to allow adjustment of float switch cable length, a cast iron pump body and support base for durability and an ergonomical Polyglass handle for safety and comfort.


• Sewage systems in households, strat corporations & construction sites

• Soiled waters containing fibres and filaments

• Unstrained civil wastewaters

• Lifting stations in civil and residential plants






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