Bushmans Warranty

Bushmans Warranty

Subject to and in accordance with the Conditions of Guarantee appearing below, Bushmans Group Pty Limited ACN 137 242 347 (‘BUSHMANS’) guarantees to repair or replace (at our sole discretion) on a pro-rata basis, any defect or fault in:

  • a BUSHMANS aboveground water tank for a period of ten (10) years; ?
  • a BUSHMANS underground water tank for a period of seven (7) years; ?
  • all other BUSHMANS products for a period of five (5) years,
  • in mainland Australia only, where such defect or fault is caused by our manufacturing process.

Conditions of Guarantee

1. The Guarantee period commences on the date of original purchase and applies to products located in mainland Australia only.

2. The original invoice or receipted delivery docket must be retained and produced as proof of purchase.

3. This Guarantee applies to the one piece polyethylene structure of the tank and  does not extend to accessories such as the strainer, outlet, valve, tap, overflow or any other fittings, parts or accessories. This Guarantee also excludes replacement of any tank contents.

4. Any accessories supplied but not manufactured by BUSHMANS will be covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warranty. This Guarantee does not apply to any fittings, parts or accessories not manufactured by BUSHMANS or any damage, fault or defect as a result of such fittings, parts or accessories.

5. This Guarantee does not apply to the tank colour which may in time fade or change.

6. BUSHMANS tanks are designed and manufactured for the storage of cool water. In the case of water at elevated temperatures orbore water, the water must be cooled prior to storage. This Guarantee will not apply where, in BUSHMANS’ sole opinion, any default or fault is due to storage of water at elevated temperatures or bore water that has not been adequately cooled.

7. The Customer must strictly follow all installation instructions including but not limited to instructions concerning the fitting of flexible hose from the outlet. Poly, PVC or metal is not a flexible hose. Installation instructions are supplied when the tank is delivered or may be downloaded from our website www.bushmantanks.com.au. Failure to strictly comply with these instructions renders this Guarantee void.

8. This Guarantee will not apply, and the Guarantee will be void, in circumstances where, in BUSHMANS’ sole opinion: (i) the product has not been properly installed and maintained in accordance  with BUSHMANS installation instructions; or (ii) after-sale modifications have been made to a product or the installation of accessories or fittings that are not suitable for the particular product; or (iii) a product has been used for any purpose other than strictly for the purpose for which it was intended; or (iv) a tank has at any time been used to transport water; or (v) a tank was not properly secured or had an unsound base or the tank site was not properly prepared; or (vi) any defect or fault is due to war, riot, civil commotion, terrorist activities or Act of God.

9. Repair work is undertaken at ground level and may be undertaken by BUSHMANS personnel or, at BUSHMANS’ option, a qualified third party repairer it nominates.  Tanks that are located on stands must  be brought down to ground level before BUSHMANS can commence replacement or repair work. The Customer will be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with bringing tanks down from stands or digging them out of the  ground for replacement or repair work. The Customer will be responsible for all landscaping, plumbing and electrical works and the costs of lifting equipment and additional labour hire for any repair or replacements.

10. BUSHMANS may require that products located outside of the free delivery area (as disclosed on our website www.bushmantanks.com.au) be returned at the Customer’s expense to a BUSHMANS agent’s premises or other location required by BUSHMANS to enable inspection and/or repair. BUSHMANS will not be liable for any damage or loss in the course of delivery. In the event that the product is not brought within the free delivery area, the Customer will be responsible for additional travel expenses.

11. BUSHMANS must be notified of any defect or fault (using the claim form available on our website www.bushmantanks.com.au) within 7 days of it occurring, and be given an opportunity to inspect the tank within 28 days of such notification. Failure by the Customer to ensure compliance with these requirements renders this Guarantee void.

12. Repair or replacement of products pursuant to this Guarantee will be on a pro-rata basis, based upon the original purchase price and having regard to the time remaining of the Guarantee period as a proportion of the total Guarantee period.

13. BUSHMANS’ liability for breach of a warranty or condition  which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified shall be limited at BUSHMANS’ option to (i) replacement of the product, repair of the product or the supply of equivalent products; or (ii) the cost of replacing or repairing the products or acquiring equivalent products; and (iii) in the case of services, supplying the services again or paying the costs of having the services supplied again.

14. To the full extent legally permissible,  the liability of BUSHMANS shall be limited  in the manner stated  in this Guarantee. BUSHMANS shall not be liable for any injury or loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential) or liabilitysuffered or incurred by the Customer or any other person or entity arising out of or  in any way connected with the supply or operation of any products, or any fault or defect in any products, whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise.

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