Pro Plastics Warranty

Pro Plastics Warranty

Pro Plastics guarantees to repair or replace any defect or fault in the water tank that is caused by our manufacturing process for a period of 10 years from the date of original purchase, provided the tank has been correctly installed.

The guarantee applies to the one piece polyethylene structure of the tank and does not extend to the fittings such as the strainer, outlet, valve, tap, overflow or any other fittings.

Pro Plastics is not liable for any losses including loss of profit or damage to property or any other associated costs that may occur when repair or replacement of the tank is carried out.

All repairs work must be taken at ground level only, so tanks that are located on stands must be brought down to ground level before repair work can commence on tank.

The guarantee does not apply to the tank colour which may fade or change.

The guarantee is for storage of water on site only, transporting water will void guarantee to the tank.

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