Tankmasta Warranty

1. Tankmasta warrants that its tanks are free from defects caused by poor workmanship or faulty material.

2. Tankmasta warrants that its tanks will be fit for the purpose for which they were designed, namely storing water, for a period of ten years from the date of purchase, subject to the following exceptions. This warranty will not apply where:

  • The tank is damaged on site or during any movement or relocation.
  • Upon request the purchaser fails to retain or produce the original receipt
    or delivery document as proof of purchase.
  • Where prior repairs have been conducted without the prior knowledge or consent of Tankmasta

3. As well as this proof of purchase the purchaser will be requested to advise the serial number (where applicable). Deliberate defacing or removal of this serial number from the tank ID plate will render this warranty invalid.

4. Tankmasta will not be liable for any consequential losses including plumbing costs, loss of stored water, livestock or damage to property.

5. This warranty is only binding upon Tankmasta, if notified of the defect or fault in writing within seven (7) days of it occurring, and where the manufacturer has been given the opportunity to inspect the product within twenty-eight (28) days of such notification.

6. In the event the purchaser has cause to rely upon this warranty,Tankmasta will at its discretion:

  • Have the tank repaired by one of our personnel or by a qualified repairer nominated or approved by us.
  • Replace the tank.
  • Reimburse the purchaser on a pro-rata basis to the original value of the tank only, excluding GST, calculated in proportion with the pro-rata time remaining of the ten year warranty period.

The Final Word

A signed delivery docket confirms that you, the customer, have received your tank and associated fittings in total and in good condition. We recommend that you inspect the tank before signing the delivery docket as your signature represents your recognition that you have accepted the tank in good order and that the warranty period begins. If you have any concerns or queries please note them on the delivery docket before signing.

Conditions of Sale

A complete list of our terms and conditions is available on the Tankmasta web site (tankmasta.com.au) or by mail by phoning Tankmasta on 1800 775 000. A summary of the key points are listed below:

  • Product: Tankmasta rainwater tanks are designed for the storage of water with a Specific Gravity (SG) of 1.
  • Pricing: The applicable list or promotional price at the time the order is placed will apply to all orders. In situations where the delivery period extends over multiple published price increases, Tankmasta reserves the right to renegotiatethe purchase price with the purchaser prior to delivery.
  • Delivery: Tankmasta will make every effort to deliver by the estimated delivery date. However, we will not be liable for any late deliveries. After evaluation of access and safety requirements, the final delivery site will be at the discretion of the delivery driver. Signing the delivery docket indicates acceptance of the order and the commencement of the warranty period.
  • Risk: All matters of risk will transfer to the purchaser upon delivery
  • Retention of Title: The title of the tank remains with Tankmasta until the products are paid for in full. Tankmasta reserves the right to retrieve, without liability, unpaid for goods.
  • Restocking Fee: Tankmasta reserves the right to charge a restocking fee, where at no fault of Tankmasta’s, distribution costs have been incurred but the delivery has not been completed.
  • Force Majeure: Tankmasta is not liable for any loss, claim expense or demand arising from events beyond the reasonable control of Tankmasta.
  • Place of Contract : All orders will be accepted & processed at Tankmasta, Carrum Downs (Tankmasta Head Office). Therefore all agreements will be deemed as being made in Victoria and the conditions of supply will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws in force in Victoria.
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