Work Health and Safety Policy

ASC Water Tanks - Work Health and Safety Policy

ASC Water Tanks PTY LTD aspires to Zero harm to our people, contractors, visitors, customers, supplier and the community in which we operate. We have an overriding commitment to health and safety and we will not compromise our safety values.

ASC Water Tanks is a 100% Australian owned and operated business selling water tanks and pump systems both nationally and internationally. As part of our ongoing commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS), we continue to pursue best practices to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Our strategy and goals support the WHS programs setup by ASC Water Tanks for its employees and customers. This Work Health and Safety Policy details how we will manage health and safety within ASC Water Tanks, its parent company ASC27 PTY LTD and subsidiary companies.

We have developed, implemented and will maintain effective Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) that will:

  • Create and foster a positive health and safety culture where health and safety are considered to be an integral part of our business.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and ill health.
  • Provide clear explanations to all personnel to engage and comply with WHSMS.
  • Identify, assess and manage health and safety risks in order to eliminate hazards and reduce risk through risk assessment, including but not limited to risks such as traffic management, manual handling, forklift operations, delivery operations and emergency management.
  • Ensure that all incidents are reported and investigated with learning’s actioned, implemented and shared.
  • Seek to continuously improve health and safety management systems through rigorous examination of all activities, practices and incidents.
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring, review and auditing of the WHSMS.
  • Fulfil relevant legislative, regulatory and other requirements including Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017 and Codes of Practice.
  • Exceed ASC Water Tanks Standards and Guidelines.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets to facilitate continuous improvement which will be outlined in the WHS Strategy and associated plan.
  • Provide appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision.
  • Consult openly with, and promote participation of workers to enhance the effectiveness of WHSMS and increase awareness.
  • Effectively implement this Policy through a process of consultation, communications, continual improvement and culture change.
  • Communicate this policy through worker inductions, contractor inductions and through display on the company website.

This policy will be reviewed every two years to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

You can download a copy of our Work Health and Safety Policy below by clicking the link.

ASC Work Health & Safety Policy – 2022 WSHMS001.

For any concerns regarding ASC Water Tanks’ Work Health and Safety Policy or breaches in our policy, please contact our office on (03) 8795 7715 or email [email protected].

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