1st May 2021 Price Rise

To our Valued Customers:

ASC Water Tanks has been informed of a significant price rise in the raw material used to manufacture all our plastic rainwater tanks, pump covers, troughs and fittings. As always, we strive to bring our best prices to complement our outstanding levels of service, lead times and expertise industry knowledge.

Due to the increased costs of raw materials, we are forced to increase the costs of all our poly-based products by approximately 10% as of the 1st of May 2021. This will be the first price rise ASC Water Tanks has extended in over 5 years for water tanks, as we strive to maintain consistent prices for the industry. This is a significant price rise, and we acknowledge the impact it may have on your business as well as our own.

The price rise is due to the severe snowstorms in Texas where the largest PE producing plants are. The area has been offline for some time creating a localized US shortage. As a result, this has forced US companies to source their PE internationally, which has created our own shortages in Australasia.

We are hopeful that the price rise will be corrected in due course, but the industry is not expecting to see this for 6-12 months.

I wish to thank all our loyal and valued customers for your continued support. I would also like to take this opportunity to commit to you that we will still be the best priced supplier of water tanks and pumps and any reductions in the raw material price will be immediately reflected in our prices.

Best Regards,

Anant Yuvarajah

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