Davey Circulator Pumps

Davey Circulators come in a range of casings, including cast iron, bronze or stainless-steel – depending on your application requirements.

Circulators include stainless-steel neck rings for long life and maintenance free operation, as well as barrel unions with threaded ports for easy installation and servicing.

Supplied with union sets + gaskets, the circulator pumps have a maximum operating temperature of 120C, and have an advanced multi-speed motor, ideal for domestic heating needs, secondary hot water services, air conditioning, and cooling systems.

Models in the range:

SC20-25 – Cast iron casing, 130mm port to port
SXM32-45 – Cast iron casing, unions sold separately
SB25-20 – Bronze casing, 150mm port to port
SB30-25 – Bronze casing, 180mm port to port
SS30-25 – Stainless-steel casing, 180mm port to port

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