Davey Commercial Slurry Pump

KZN model sump pumps are a commercial, heavy duty, top discharge, dewatering sump pump, designed for pumping very dirty water and farm waste.

Featuring heavy duty inlet agitators, the KZN range is suitable for pumping sludge and slurries. Models in the range:

DT37KZN – 3.7kW with 3″ outlet
DT55KZN – 5.5kW with 4″ outlet
DT75KZN – 7.5kW with 4″ outlet
DT110KZN – 11.0kW with 4″ outlet
DT150KZN – 15.0kW with 6″ outlet
DT220KZN – 22.0kW with 6″ outlet
DT55KZN-H – 5.5kW with 3″ outlet
DT75KZN-H – 7.5kW with 4″ outlet
DT110KZN-H – 11.0kW with 4″ outlet
DT150KZN-L – 15kW with 6″ outlet

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