Davey DT75KZN Dewatering Sump Pump 415V


Davey DT75KZN Dewatering Sump Pump 415V

WHY CHOOSE THE DAVEY KZN Sludge/Slurry sump pump?
Corrosion resistant 410 stainless steel shaft and stainless
steel shaft sleeve
• Long service life
• Impact resistant and long lasting
• Easily replaceable shaft sleeves save on shaft wear
Multivane, semi-open, wear resistant, high chrome impeller
• Ability to handle abrasive solid concentrations up to 70%
by weight
Pumps have a heavy duty high chrome agitator
• Keeps the flow chamber and impeller clear by causing the
solids to move in suspension, preventing the pump from
Double silicon carbide mechanical seals
• Abrasion resistant
• Located in separate oil chamber to protect the motor
• Added protection of a heavy duty lip seal
Top discharge with a motor water jacket
• Slimline design reduces the chance of damage to the
outlet in transit
• Allows for pumping within inches of the bottom, without
risk of overheating
Hardened ductile iron volute
• Cast with extra thick walls (300 Brinnell hardness) is twice
as abrasive resistant as standard ductile cast iron, which
ensures greater durability
Replaceable wear plate
• Hardened surface on suction side inhibits the occurrence
of erosion that could cause a reduction in pump
Large open strainer
• Protects from larger solids entering the pump
Lifting rings
• For easy lifting and transportation of the pump.

Dimensions (mm): 420L x 410W x 840H

Weight: 180Kg

Suitable Fluids
Water containing soft solids and/or hard solids in suspension,
up to 70% by weight. Some wear should be expected with
hard solid pumping. Not suitable for explosive or flammable
materials or fluids.

• Ground & nuisance water removal
• Drainage from dams, sewer systems, tunnels, river
improvement projects & construction sites
• Pumping of muddy liquid generated from industrial

Capacities to: 6500 lpm (390m3/hr)
Maximum total head: 35m
Maximum submergence: 15m
Maximum pumped water temperature: 40º C

Maximum Solids: 25mm

Discharge Port: 4″

Materials of Construction
Motor Top and Shell: FC200 cast iron
Pump body: FCD450 hardened ductile iron
Suction cover: High (23%) chrome iron
Agitator: High (23%) chrome iron
Discharge outlet: FC200 cast iron
Strainer: Steel
Impeller: High (23%) chrome iron
Lip seal: Nitrile
Pump shaft: 410 stainless steel
Mechanical seals: Dual silicone carbide
Seal and bottom bearing housing: FC200 cast iron
Fasteners and plugs: 304SS
Power supply leads: HO7RNF

Supply voltage 380-415V / 50Hz
Cable length (m) 10m
Speed (rpm) 1450
Insulation class: H
IP rating: x8
Starting: DOL
Motor kW size (P2): 7.5/10
Input kW size (P1): 9.75
Start Amps: 73
Run Amps: 15.7


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