Davey High Pressure Drainage Pumps

The range of submersible High Pressure Drainage pumps are specialty pumps that are designed with superior reliability in mind for rainwater tanks, and suitable for pumping drinking water with a neutral pH.

Using an automatic float, it detects when water is available. Primarily used with rainwater tanks, it’s also used for lawn and garden irrigation, treated effluent disposal and water transfer from wells.

With a closed impeller, centrifugal design, the general purpose dewatering pumps are less susceptible to blockages of the pump or pipework. A corrosion resistant 304SS shaft, motor shell and fasteners provide an attractive, lasting appearing and ensures a long life.

Automatic resetting thermal overload also ensures this product is protected from overload.

Models in the range:

D23A/B – max. flow 50 lpm, 0.2kW
D42A/B – max. flow 120 lpm, 0.6kW
D53A/B – max. flow 130 lpm, 0.84kW

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