Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pump


Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage  Pumps

The D53A/B models are able to pump clean water of neutral pH ( ie rainwater )

Designed for pumping clean rainwater and activated by an automatic float

The D53A/B  model offers extra pressure for pumping up to a second story

The D53 A/B models can be converted to automatic water pressure  systems by adding a TT45/S ‘Plug & Play Torrium 2

Operating Limits

Capacities to 140 LT/min

Max Total head 45

Max submergence 12m

Max operating temperature 40 c

Minimum soft solids  1.9 mm O.D.

Outlet size 1″ (F)

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 220-240 v  50 Hz single phase

*Cable Length  10 metres

Output ( watts ) 840

Start (amps) 14

Run (amps) 5.7

Speed  2 pole , 2850rpm

Input Power (P1 )   1.31 kw

Output Power (P2 )  0.84 kw

Insulation class Class F

IP rating  X8

Starting P.S.C

* The D53A/B models are also available with a 20 meter power lead

Features and Benefits

Float Switch fitted for automatic operation

Double mechanical seal,one in the oil  bath on the motor and an extra mechanical seal on pump for superior reliability and a long service life.

Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners for longer service life

Centrifugal multi stage 3 impeller design for low flow applications

In built automatic thermal overload to protect the motor in the event of blockage or voltage supply problems

HO7RNF oil resistant leads , 10 meters long with 3 pin power plug for longer life in dirty water and easy connection to the mains power supply



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