Davey Vortex Sump Pumps

A Davey all-rounder, the General Purpose Vortex Sump Pumps are able to pump clean or grey water of neutral pH, with some soft or fine solids.

Suitable applications include sump emptying, septic effluent disposal, water transfer or pumping of light slurries and factory waste.

With an open impeller, vortex, centrifugal design, the general purpose vortex sump pumps are less susceptible to blockages of the pump or pipework. A 304SS grade steel for the shaft, motor shell and fasteners ensure a long service life.

Models in the range

D15VAGMA – 0.15kW
D15VA – 0.15kW
D25VA – 0.25kW
D40VA – 0.40kW
D75VA – 0.75kW
D150VA – 1.5kW
DT08V – 0.75kW
DT15V – 1.5kW

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