ASC Grinder DSK-10A Macerator Pump

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ASC Grinder Cutter DSK-10A Macerator Pump

Sewage water is one form of contaminated water that creates a need for fast and efficient removal. This means having to rely on the proper equipment to get the job done. The ph level in sewage water is high and in order to remove the water effectively the pump being used has to have the strength to deal with this type of water. One of the best choices amidst these types of pumps is the ASC DSK-10A Auto Cutter Sewage Pump.

Built with Quality

While this sewage pump comes with a lot of benefits and features one of the most important reasons for investing in this particular one is its quality. A pump that is going to be subjected to sewage drainage has to be built with only the very best of components.

ASC DSK-10A Tungsten Cutter

This pump encases its vital components with stainless steel which gives its durability and longevity to be able to withstand the types of dirty water and sewage that it is going to be subjected to.  The motor that this pump works off of is the very best in quality and possesses IP68 protection. The ASC DSK-10A is a single phase motor with built in thermal protection.

The ASC DSK-10A Auto Cutter Sewage Pumps are superior in their performance. It possesses a double edged tungsten cutting impeller that is comprised of highly abrasive resistant materials. The quality of the cutting impeller materials gives this pump the durability and longevity that it is so well known for.

 In order for a sewage pump to do the best job possible it has to rely on its impeller to be able to pass the solid matter without discharge clogging. This pump has been designed for peak performance in this regard. The cutter has the ability to deal with sewage matter that is not normally part of what normal sewage is comprised of. On occasion items such as rag or sanitary items get flushed down the toilets that are not meant to be disposed of in this manner. When sewage contains this sort of matter the cutters have to be able to deal with it. This is why the ASC DSK-10A tungsten cutter possess the high quality materials they are composed of.

Pumps that have the job of removing sewage and dirty water often are in operation for long periods of time and run the risk of over heating. This ASC  DSK-10A motor has addressed this problem with its low temperature rise for capabilities, and its F class insulation.

Pump Feature:

  • Comes with Flaot switch cable for automatic operation
  • 10m H07RN Neoprene Power Cable with 3 pin plug
  • Non clogging Cutter/Macerator impeller design
  • Double edge tungsten blades
  • Rated for Continious Use
  • Motor has a built in auto-reset thermal overflow protection
  • Doubel mechanical seals with oil chamber and lip seal for added protection
  • Solid cast iron pump body and impeller for durability
  • Stainless Steel 304 Motor Housing
  • Effluent Pump
  • Drainage Pump
  • Septic Pump
  • Aerated Sewaage Treatment Pump
  • Domestic and light industrial applications
Technical Specifications
Brand ASC
Product Type Grinder Cutter Macerator Pump
Suitable For Wastewater and septic applications
Bar 1.30 Bar
Flow Rate (L/min) 420L/min
Hp 1 hP
Kilo Watts 0.75 kW
Max Head (m) 14.0m
Port Size Outlet 50mm / 2″ BSPF (comes with hose tail adapter)
Powered Electric
Volts 240 V
Warranty 2 Years
Pump Size (mm) 310L x 280W x 457H (mm)

ASC DSK-10A Dimensions

Pump Warranty Options: ASC Water Tanks offers a two year warranty for it’s drainage pump range. Need more information. Click here for more information on our pump installation guide and pump warranty.

Certified Water Pumps

All ASC Water Pumps are CE (C-Tick) compliant and approved. This ensure you buy an electrically safe product that has passed the strictest of Australian an European Standards.

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 63 × 36 × 28 cm
Product Type

Grinder Cutter Pump

Suitable For

Dirty water, Septic Water, Effluent Water, Waste Water


1.4 Bar




1 Hp

Kilo Watts


Head (max)


Port Size Outlet

50mm / 2" BSP Female




240 V / 50 Hertz


2 Years return to base

Pack Weight

30 KG



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