Bianco BIA-WHI-SK10PPHS2 Automatic Pump Controller


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Bianco BIA-WHI-SK10PPHS2 Automatic Pump Controller

The White International WHI-SK10PPHS2 controllers are devices used to control electric 240V pumps of 1.5kW or less.

The controller monitors both the pressure and the flow. It controls the operation of the pump automatically. Because of its design, there is no need for a separate pressure (expansion) tank, nor is there any need to adjust start and stop pressures as per traditional pressure switches.

The unit will protect the pump should the water supply fail (due to blockage in the pipe or tank running dry) and will automatically restart normal operation once water is restored.

Features and Benefits

  • Starts and stops the pump automatically when the tap is open or closed. This means the pump does not need to be turned off manually.
  • Maintains a constant pressure from the pump during operation resulting in a reliable water supply.
  • Automatically stops the pump in the situation of no flow (due to inlet pump blockage) and will automatically resume normal operation once the blockage is removed.
  • Automatically restarts the pump in the event of power failure. This gives the homeowner peace of mind that the unit will continue to operate even if they are away for a long period of time.
  • The controller eliminates pressure fluctuations at flows as low as 1L/min.
  • Plug and play leads (IEC type) are installed on the controller so that a licensed electrician is not required to replace the controller.
  • The controller incorporates an inbuilt pressure gauge to enable the homeowner to monitor the system pressure without the need of a separate inline pressure gauge. The pressure gauge can also diagnose nuisance upstream water.
  • Drinking water AS/NZS4020 approved in Australia and New Zealand.

Technical Specifications
Bar: 10 Bar
Brand: White International
Casing Material: Technopolymer
Kilo Watts: 1.5 kW
Port Size Inlet: 1″ BSPM Inlet
Port Size Outlet 1″ BSPM outlet
Product Type: Pump Controller
Volts: 240 V

Construction Characteristics
Inlet: 1″ BSP male
Outlet:1″ BSP male
Built in non-return valve
No flow/loss of prime protection
Manual start switch (RESET)
Voltage LED (GREEN power on light)
Pump working LED (ORANGE pump on light)
No flow LED (RED failure light)
1.5 metre lead and 3 pin Australian/New Zealand plug
0.6 metre pump power lead, plug and play
Inbuilt 10 bar pressure gauge

Technical Information
IEC type
Voltage: 220V (-6%) / 240V ( 6%)
Maximum Current: 16(8) Amps
Maximum kW: 1.5kW
Frequency: 50Hz
Ingress Protection: IP65
Maximum Water Temperature: 60 deg C
Starting Pressure: 1.5 bar

Recommended Minimum Pump Pressure Required: 3.0 bar
Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar
Minimum Flow: 1.0 l/m

AS/NZS4020 Certified
Plug and Play Lead

Pumps or controllers that are AS/NZS 4020 Drinking Water Approved offer peace-of-mind.

This approval ensures that the pump or controller will not contribute any toxic materials or metals to the liquid being pumped, won’t support the growth of micro-organisms and won’t change the taste or appearance of your water.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 22 cm


Bianco Pumps

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