Davey D150GA Submersible Grinder Pump 240V


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    Davey D150GA Submersible Single Phase Grinder Pump

    WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Submersible Grinder Pumps?
    Heavy duty shredding and grinding ring at inlet.
    Centrifugal design, open impeller.
    Double Mechanical shaft seal in oil bath.
    Hard faced Silicon Carbide/Ceramic seal on pump side.
    Sand slinger lip seal for added protection.
    Oring casing sealing.
    Corrosive resistant stainless steel and quality heavy duty
    powder coated cast iron pump parts.

    Weight: 31Kg

    Dimensions (mm): 300L x 340W x 530H

    • Grey and black water pumping
    • Sump emptying
    • Septic effluent and sewage disposal
    • Pumping of waste water with soft solids in suspension

    2 pole, 2900rpm 50Hz 240V single phase or 415V three phase.
    Submersible with IPx8 enclosure.
    Class F insulation.
    10 metre HO7RN-F oil resistant power lead and seal sensor
    lead fitted with bared wire lead ends for easy connection to
    power supply terminations.
    Seal sensor leads fitted for easy connection to a protection
    relay to enable timely repairs prior to motor damage. Not fitted
    to D75G/GA or DT08G models.
    Protected against both high operating temperatures and high
    current by a built in automatically resetting thermal overload.
    •Able to pump soft organic solids, sanitary products, thin
    rubber products and even some textiles in suspension, by
    shredding to a slurry
    •Open impeller prevents blockage of the pump by small solids
    in the slurry
    • High heads and small solids allow connection to small
    discharge pipe systems, especially suited to pumping waste
    water to pressure sewer mains
    •Silent operation
    •Quick and easy installation
    • Hose tail supplied with every pump
    • Low maintenance
    • Fully repairable
    • Mounting feet with rubber cushions fitted for a firm and
    stable positioning during installation and operation for D75G/
    GA, DT08G, D120G/A, D150G/A, DT12G & DT15G.
    •Adaptable to slide rails

    Capacities to: 175 lpm
    Maximum total head: 24m
    Maximum submergence: 20m
    Maximum pumped water temperature: 40ºC
    Electrical lead: 10m
    Phase: Single
    Volts: 220-240

    kW (nameplate): 1.50
    Amps – FL: 13.00
    Insulation: F class
    Sewage or “Grey Water” of neutral pH containing up to 20% soft organic
    solids (some wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in

    Use a rope to position and retrieve the pump. Do not lower or retrieve the
    pump using the power lead as this may damage the cable entry seals, causing
    water leaks and unsafe operation.
    Do not use this product for recirculating or filtering swimming pools, spas, etc.
    While these pumps are built to high safety standards, they are not approved
    for installations where people will be in the water while they are operating.
    Do not pump abrasive materials. Sand and grit in the water being pumped
    will accelerate wear, causing shortened pump life.
    Make room for the float switch to operate. Automatic models have a float
    switch to turn them on when the water level rises and turn them off again when
    it has been pumped down to the safe operating level of the pump. If the float
    switch is not free to rise and fall, correct pump operation may not be possible.
    Don’t run your pump dry. Non-automatic models must be switched off
    manually or by way of an external float/level switch when the water level is
    reduced to the top of the pump housing.

    Weight 42 kg
    Dimensions 68 × 38 × 32 cm




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