Hyjet HCP2060 Hot and Cold Water Circulator


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Hyjet HCP2060 Hot Water Circulator 


  • Hot water circulating in domestic and commercial hot water systems
  • Cold water circulating for air-conditioning and cooling systems


  • In-line pump casing for easy installations
  • Barrel unions on suction and delivery for easy install and maintenance
  • 3 speed manual adjustment to suit various applications
  • Manual bleed on start up
  • Low power consumption
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • Quite operation

Operating Limits

  • Clean water with abrasives or suspended solids
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature 110 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 40 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Flow 60L/min
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar


  • Pump Casing: Bronze DR
  • Motor Shaft: Ceramic
  • Impellers: PES Composite
  • Bearings: Ceramic
  • Seals: EPDM
  • Motor: IP44
  • Insulation class H
  • In-built capacitor and thermal protection




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