Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline Water Tanks

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Slimline Rain Water Tanks

What is a Slimline Water Tank?

A slimline rain water tank is a water tank that has a narrow profile. The width of slimline water tanks is usually designed to allow the tank to fit in narrow space and down the side of your house or residential property development. Slimline Water Tanks are very popular in denser suburban area, including Melbourne and Sydney, where block sizes are getting smaller and space is a premium. Slimline Water Tanks in Melbourne have become very competitively priced, however are still more expensive than Round Water Tanks. This is because more plastic is needed to make a slimline tank of the same capacity to ensure there is enough wall thickness on the slimline poly water tank.

Australian made Slimline Water Tanks are made with food grade polyethylene material. The range of slimline water tanks sold by ASC Water Tanks is all made to Australian Standards. This ensures, you the customer, can buy a slimline watertank with confidence when you buy from ASC Water Tanks online, knowing your product is made to the strictest of standards and a product that comes with a 10 year warranty.

Why a Slimline Water Tank? What are the benefits of a Slimline Water Tank?

The most useful benefit of a slim line water tank is the narrowness of the tank. Unlike round tanks, which have a larger diameter, slimline water tanks are normally between 550mm and 1000mm. The slim design allows you to get the largest amount of water in the smallest footprint. Slimline Rain WaterTanks in Melbourne are most popular for developers and builders as it allows them to make the most of the space on the land. Smaller slimline tanks are popular as they are more aesthetically pleasing for backyards, or even better they can be put down the blind side of the house and are completely out of the way. On the biggest limitations to slimline tanks is the capacity you can achieve. Typically the most popular is a 2000LT Slimline tank designed for the builder market. However the largest single piece rotomoulded plastic slimline rain water tank we make is the 5000LT Slimline Water Tank. Beyond this size, we do modular tanks, made up of smaller rounded tanks joint in a line to create any capacity needed or joining two slimline water tanks end to end.

ASC Water Tanks has Australia’s largest range of slimline rainwater tanks. Our slimline rain water tanks are all guaranteed by a minimum ten year manufacturers warranty and we guarantee to be the cheapest for the popular slimline tanks we sell. To help you find the right product, choose from one our slimline water tanks based on capacity. Not only do we stock Australia’s favorite tanks, such as All Weather, Bushmans, Enviro Water TanksRotoplus and Yarra Plastics our large range of water storage solutions ensures you can find the right product in your city, whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane. Our slimline rain tanks include both the single piece design, as well as modular slimline tanks, letting you choose the right capacity you want. We also carry a large range of poly and steel slimline squat tanks.

Poly / Plastic Slimline Tanks

Our poly slimline water tanks are our most popular. Locally manufactured here in Australia, you are sure to find a size to fit your needs at ASC Water Tanks. Starting from just a tiny 300LT tank, up to 10,000LT in a modular slimline tank design, we have the largest range of plastic slimline water tanks in Australia.

Steel Colorbond Slimline Tanks

Locally made, using Australian Bluescope steel, we source the best steel tanks Australia has to offer. And with a supply chain that starts in Queensland and goes all the way to Victoria and South Australia, we have you covered. Our steel slimline tanks come in various sizes, and if you can’t find one that fits, we can custom make a tank to suit your needs. Steel slimline tanks come in two options. The standard slimline design we’ve all come to know and a newer design called Modline. Modline tank have square edges, increasing capacity in the same slimline footprint, whist also giving a modern finish on classic design.

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